Showing with Brown Hall 

Show Fees :

Local Showing - $125 per day, includes coaching and Shipping of client owned horse or pony. $150 per day for coaching and Shipping and use of Brown Hall owned horse or pony.

*All entry fees and office fees associated with showing for the day are the responsibility of the client/rider

Rated Showing

coaching/training for boarded clients - $100 per day horse or pony is stabled at the show 

Coaching/training non boarded clients - $125 per day horse or pony is stabled at the show

*riders receive daily lessons prior to showing

day care -$70 per day ( includes stall cleaning,lunging, hand walking, bathing, un-braiding, tacking and un-tacking,  tack cleaning, grooming, and supplies and set up and tear down of stabling area ) 

medication fee - $45

Shipping - $1.75 per loaded mile, minimum of $50.00

Trainer Hotel - Split among the participants of the show

* it is encouraged and greatly appreciated for clients to tip grooms ( $20 per day ) 

*all braiding is arranged through Brown Hall Trainers, paid by participant

* All entries, bedding, stall, office fees are paid by the participant

**if Brown Hall writes a check for any office or braiding fees, client will be charged a $25 charge for covering expenses